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Hummus Compost

An Incredible Slow-Release Plant Food an Alternative to Commercial Lawn Fertilizer

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of humus compost available to customers while at the same time, building lasting value into the soil. Our compost environmentally friendly, and very effective.

We know that by applying high quality humus compost to your fields and gardens, you are actively participating in increasing the beneficial micro-life in your soil. 

Check out some of the testimonials and information below to learn more about how Incred-A-Soil can add lasting value to your soil!


Hear from Incred-A-Soil Customers

“I just have to share of my little miracle garden this year. I am impressed and the compost will get the credit. The biggest difference is my 3-year-old strawberry patch. I just sprinkled the compost over my patch, quite generously, and plants were 3-4 times bigger and what fun picking, nice, big berries.”

Leroy, MN

“We want to let you know what results we saw using your Incrd-A-Soil. I am so excited - for the first time in five years my grape arbor is loaded with grapes. I spread it around each stalk and want more for my garden next year.”

Cleveland, OH

Our Compost is...

Made from live stock manure and carbons (contains: straw, hay, and corn fodder). The manure is temperature monitored (between 130° - 150°) over a 16 week period before it's placed in consumer bags. Daily measurements are taken. Fabric covers are used to cover the material during composting to insure desirable moisture levels. This procedure ensure a high quality compost to provide the following benefits:

  • Quality fruits & vegetables
  • Loosens soils & increases yields
  • High organic matter content
  • High & diverse microbial activity
  • High humus content & nutrient value
  • Stabilizing compounds for soil
  • More drought resistant

What to Expect...

  • Disease suppression - Provides a healing effect on plants and adds nutrients to the soil.
  • Infiltration of water - Helps maintain 25% air and 25% water. 
  • Porosity increased in the soil - Contains more air voids than your typical soil. 
  • Nutrient retention - A magnetic charge from the high CEC holds nutrients longer. 
  • Compaction reduction - It makes soil spongy and allows a spring back action. 
  • Erosion reduced - Disperses the force of raindrops. 
  • Water retention increased - Like a sponge that holds in the water.

Humus Compost In Action!

With humus compost, nutrients are available to growing plants at all times.


For Corn & Wheat

Apply 800-1,000 lbs. of humus compost per acre yearly, or 2,000 lbs. every other year. For grass or hay, apply 800-1,000 lbs. of humus compost per acre every September.


For House Plants/Potted Flowers

Apply 5 table spoons of humus compost to the potted flowers. Repeat this every 4 weeks. NOT to be used as a soil. Use as a top dress only for potted plats. For trees and shrubs, apply ½ lb. per square foot over existing bark mulch. Reduces quackgrass. 


For Lawn Care

Apply 7-8 32 lb. bags of humus compost per 1,000 square feet to suppress dandelions and promote a healthier and greener lawn.


For the Garden

In the fall, lightly till or rake in ¼ lb. per square foot of Humus compost after removing all seasonal garden plants. Or, in the spring, lightly till or rake ¼ lb. per square foot into garden before planting.


For High Tunnel Soil Amendment

Use as a free choice fertilizer. Apply ¼ lb. per square foot of humus compost. Incorporate lightly.


Application Rates & Sizes

For commodity crops, apply from 800-1,000 lbs. per acre yearly, or 1 ton every other year.

Available in 32 lb. and 50 lb. bags. Also available in a 1 ton tote.

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