Our Process

How We Produce Our Humus Compost

Step One

Beginning of the Recipe

We start with (pen pack) live stock manure bedded with carbons (corn fodder, straw, and hay). Selecting the proper carbon-nitrogen ratio by adding additional leaves and corn fodder make the perfect environment for microbes excel. 

Adding clay in windrow to capture volatile compounds for future use. 

Step Two

Mixing & Applying

Mixing carbons and nitrogenous properly for microbial breakdown. Inoculate windrows with N-converters, humidifiers & finishers for nutrient control and breakdown.   

Step Three

Aeromaster Equipment

Turning windrows applies ozygen and releases any Carbon Dioxide. We prefer Aeromaster Equipment. 

DSC_0657 (2)
Step Four

Moisture Control

Covers for moisture control between 42% and 48%. Too wet creates anaerobic conditions. If conditions become too dry, and the breakdown process is slowed.

Step Five

Temperature Control

Temperature monitored between 130°-150° during the compost cycle sterilizes any pathogens and disease present in the feed-stock. The proper heat cycle while composting, eliminates tomato and weed seeds.

Step Six

Finished Product

Finished incredible humus compost is ready for storage and marketing. 

Step Seven

Applying Incred-A-Soil Humus Compost

  • Produces Quality Fruits and Vegetables
  • Loosens Soil and Increases Yields
  • High Organic Matter Content
  • High and Diverse Microbial Activity 
  • High Humus Content and Nutrient Availability
  • More Drought Resistant
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Humus Compost Makes the Difference!

No Humus Compost With Humus Compost