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GRANULAR ALGAECIDE/FUNGICIDE –¬†GreenCleanPRO controls many types of algae on contact through a sustainable, yet powerful oxidation process that leaves behind no residual pesticides, only oxygen and water as a by-product. GreenCleanPRO is an alternative to copper-based algaecides and can be used as a preventative, curative, or spot treatment.

GreenCleanPRO is effective in all pH ranges and will not be affected by salinity. GreenCleanPRO does not bio-accumulate and has no use restrictions, so treated waters can be used without interruption.

  • Reduced-Risk Chemistry – ideal for ponds with sensitive fish populations
  • Contact Algaecide – kills algae on contact
  • Copper Alternative – may be used in copper restricted areas
  • Granular Algaecide – effective against submerged algae
  • Algaestat -use at low rates as a preventative program
  • Results can be seen as quickly as 60 seconds
  • Can use without interruption after treatment
  • Biodegrades completely
  • Releases Oxygen
  • OMRI Listed
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